Star Wars Rebels- A New Animated Series


A new animated series, Star Wars Rebels is set to release in fall 2014, before the 2015 release of highly anticipated Star Wars Episode VII.

The animation is currently produced by Lucasfilm, and it features animation powerhouses such as Dave Filoni, Greg Weisman and Simon Kinberg.  All three will be serving as executive producers, and Kinberg will write the first episode.

Star Wars Rebels will air on Disney XD, and it’s an action filled series set between Episode III and Episode IV.  It’s a time when the Emperor is at its highest power, and hunting down all the Jedi knights.  There’s about 20 years between Episode III and IV, so it’s still unknown which movie the new series will be closer to.

It’s also unknown who’s going to make an appearance in the new series.  But I think it’s safe to say we’re going to see some familiar faces.

Again, the new series will begin in fall 2014 on Disney XD.  Fans attending Star Wars Celebration Europe this July will have the first look of the series.