Arkham Origins Kevin Conroy Confusion

Arkham Origin

Let’s talk about this strange story: 

Over the weekend, Kevin Conroy states that he is going to be Batman in upcoming Arkham Origins game.  However, WB spokesperson later states that Roger Craig Smith is going to voice Batman in Arkham Origins game instead.  What’s going on?

During the Dallas Comic con, Conroy then states that “I can talk about it now, we’ve been working for about 9-10 months on the next Arkham.”  Also, Conroy sent out a now-been-removed twitter stating that “Confusion in Dallas! I am in new ARKHAM GAME coming soon, NOT ARKHAM ORIGINS coming this fall.”  You can see the tweet at Batman-News.

So what’s going on here?  Is the next Arkham game after Origins already in making?  Nothing has been announced yet, and it’s most likely going to be for next-gen consoles.  Hopefully this is the case, as we’re all looking forward to actually seeing what’s going to happen after the events of Arkham City.

As of now, I just hope we have an actual confirmation of another game of what.  What do you think is really going on here?  Let us know in the comments below!