One Piece Super Styling: Battle In The Laboratory

Super Styling Battle in the lab

One Piece Super Styling is releasing new figures!  Dubbed Battle In The Laboratory, the set comes with characters and appearances from the Punk Hazard Saga.

The set comes with Zoro and Robin in their winter outfits, and new enemies such as Vergo and Monet.  Personally, I have to get the Monet figure. I’ve been a big fan of hers since her initial debut in the comic series.

The figures will be out in August, and 840 yen a piece.  That’s about 8~10 bucks.

Zoro Super styling

Robin Super Styling

Vergo Super Styling

Monet Super Styling

By the way, if someone has to play a live action of Monet, it would be Becki Newton:

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