The Mom from How I Met Your Mother Revealed!


Can this be?  The mother from How I Met Your Mother is finally revealed!  After 8 long seasons, we finally get to see who the mom is, and let me tell you, the wait is worth it!

The actress is Cristin Milioti, and I think she is perfect.  She’s pretty, and is that a British accent I heard?  That’s definitely a plus.  I know there’re many negative comments on the actress right now, but I don’t think is safe to make a judgement yet.  The actress only appears at the last second of the episode, and it’s really not fair to make any calls yet.  As of now, I really like the choice and I can’t wait to see more of her next season.

Also, the producers revealed what’s coming up next season.  It’s called the “longest wedding weekend ever.”  That’s right!  The entire season 9 will be about the wedding between Barney and Robin.  We’re for sure to see many flashbacks and flash-forwards in the season, otherwise it will be the most boring show ever.  If this is really the way they’re going to narrate the final season, then I don’t think Ted is really going to fall in love with “the mother” until the final episode.  Oh, did I mention they haven’t given her a name yet?  She’s still “Yellow Umbrella Girl” to most fans.

As of now, that’s enjoy the brief seconds of the grand revelation:

How do you like the revelation of “mother?”  Let us know in the comments below!