A Closer Look At Pokemon X And Y


Yesterday we talked about the newest image released by CoroCoro, today there are better images and westernization of the game revealed.  I decided to do a closer look of the news we learned yesterday.  More following–

First off:


This is the new Kalos region, and it’s based on France.  Onne of the city will be called Lumiose City, and it’s a metropolitan city with some great tourist attraction such as an Eiffel-Tower-like structure.  Check out the concept arts below:



Notice how the hero is riding on a Pokemon?  Well, that would be:


Gogoat.  It’s a “Riding Pokemon” and it’s Grass-type.  It seems like it’s sole purpose is for people to ride on as transportation.  Man, PETA is going to love that.

In addition to Gogoat, there are more Pokemons revealed:


Pancham, the fFighting-type panda Pokemon.  This guy is totally cute, and awesome.


Fletchling.  The Flying-type and Normal-type Pokemon.  I think this is basically the region bird such as Pidgey, Noctowl, Taillow, Starly and Pidove.  Which means, Ash is going to catch one in the anime.


Helioptile.  Electric and Normal-type.  Have we had this kind of type combination yet?

Also, like I stated yesterday, along with gender we get to choose our hero’s hair and skin color now:



What else can we ask for?  Oh yeah, how about a trailer that comes with these images:

Yea, I spoil you guys 🙂