Scribblenauts to Make DC Superheroes Game


It’s reported that the next Scribblenauts will be focusing on DC Superheroes.

Previously called Scribblenauts Unmasked, the game originally intended to have Superhero Max going through adventures and helps various DC Superheros to fight crimes.  However, now it’s stated that the game will mainly focus on the DC license.

There are many reports on how Max and his “writing” ability is going to come in handy in the world of DC Superheroes: One instant, Max will be in the sewer level beneath Wayne Manor, and he has to write up a hamburger to get pass Killer Croc.  Another situation requires Max to  write up an X-Ray so he can tell which one is the real cop, and which one is Clayface.

DC characters that are set to make an appearance in this game include: Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Harley Quinn.  There’s a saying that Atlantis will make an appearance as a stage as well.  However, there’s most likely going to be changes between now and E3, so come back here for more news after the E3 conference this June.

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