Late News: Breaking Bad Spin-off featuring Saul Goodman?


The news is a few days old now, but I was really busy so I didn’t have time to post about it.  Apparently, there’s a Breaking Bad spin-off project in the talk with the character Saul Goodman played by actor Bob Odenkirk.

Saul Goodman was introduced as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s shady, but loyal lawyer back in season 2.  The character is a fan favorite and comedic, so the new show would be a comedy as well.  I think it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be a dark comedy if anything.  While being an one-hour show is still in consideration, it’s a high possibility of being a half-hour show as well.

The final season of Breaking Bad will return later this summer.  I remember that I once tried to introduce this show to my mother, but failed.  I never failed introducing a drama to my mother before, so I was really sad about it.  Her reason?  “It’s a comedy about a man running around in underwear.”

Comedy?  I guess it’s funny watching a high school science teacher with cancer selling meth.