One Piece Portrait Of Pirates Neo-DX Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard Ver. 0


MegaHouse is releasing two of the biggest legends in the entire One Piece universe- Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger.  The two legendary pirates in their youth and prime.  These are two collections that can’t be missed out!

Gol D. Roger is the Pirate King that everyone talks about in the series.  The entire Great Age of Pirates begins because of his statement about his treasure.  Now everyone set sail trying to find this treasure, and claims the title of Pirate King.  The figure has interchangeable parts to reenact the finale moment where Gol D. Roger is about to be executed.

The new Whitebeard figure, unlike the previous one, is him in his younger days.  While Whitebeard is young, he reveals that the thing he wants the most is “family.”  20 years later, Whitebeard becomes the strongest man in the entire world, and he has the biggest family with sons that love him like a real father.  The figure comes with a coat that can be taken off to show Whitebeard’s muscular body.

Both the figures are set to release in late August.  Pirate King will be 8,925 yen (about 90 bucks) and Whitebeard figure will be 9,240 yen (close to 100 bucks).  Personally, I will buy the Gol D. Roger Pirate King figure, because I never seen a Pirate King figure before, and I’m always a big fan of his.

“My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I’ll let you have it…search for it! I left all of it at that place”