My D&D Adventure part 7

It’s been a while since the last adventure, but hey!  I finally have the newest adventure ready.

For those we want to review what happened last time, check it out here.

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It’s been 4 days since the last adventure, and our heroes are sailing north.

The boat comes to coast at the Swan Bay.  Vespa lays out her plans: explore the area and scavenge whatever they can.  Near and Derk go out their own ways.

Near enters the local shop.  He looks around and can’t see anyone around.  He decides to just take what he needs.

Derk enters the inn, but it’s deserted as well.  The room are clean, but no once can bee seen.  He checks the log on the counter and notices that no one is here for 4 days.  He learns that there’s a shack out side, and decides to go for a look.

Meanwhile, Near is still looking around the shop.  He looks under the counter and finds a bottle of scotch, some letter and pictures.  The letter is to the owner, and it’s dated 5 days ago.  The letter asks the shop owner to leave the area.

Derk explores the shake.  While everything is neat, there’s a broken post with blood on the side.  Things don’t see right, and he decides to go back to his friends.

The moment he steps out the shack, an arrow flies past and Derk dodges on just in time.  He sees the enemy in the window above, and fires a bolt back and hits the enemy.

Near hears the commotion outside and goes check.  He sees a teenage girl (Genevieve) with a cross-bow.  He yells at the girl, and she turns around and fires a bolt right in Near’s gut.

Near falls on the ground and moans painfully.  Blood everywhere.

Derk sees Near on the ground and fires a warning shot at Genevieve.  She is now scared.

Near is dying.  He sees an older woman (Ellie) climbing down the tree.  He fires a bolt and Ellie, but missed.  She hides behind the tree.

Derk and Genevieve are struggling.  After couple of hits, Derk finally grabs Genevieve by the neck and threatens to kill the girl.

Ellie screams no and drops her weapon.  She tells Genevieve to do so as well.

Derk asks why they attacked them, and Ellie shows them the wanted posters.  2 more people come out of the building- a limping old man (Harlan) and a young boy the age of 10 (Sprint).

It’s a family of bounty hunters. They’re from a town called Nereid and they really need the money. Near is dying and Derk wants the family to give him some medical supply first before letting the daughter go. Sprint runs to get the supply.

Derk starts patching Near up, but it’s useless. Sprint go get Alfredo and Vespa.

Alfredo and Vespa arrived. They keep an eye out at the bounty hunters while Derk continues to try to safe me.

Vespa thinks it would be a good idea to have the bounty hunter family help them with their coming mission. Help us with the mission, and the bounty hunter family can keep whatever treasure they found.

Derk actually manages to fix my wound. Sprint watches with worry.

The family agrees, and we are about to set out for our mission.

We find a carriage and some horses. Alfredo and Derk sit in the front while everyone else sits at the back.

Near is not happy with the little girl that shot him; he has his eyes on here the whole time. The carriage comes to a stop at the town of Nereid. Things don’t seem right, and Derk goes check it out. Joshua surveys the area.

Dead bodies and burned buildings all over the place. Derk remembers the name Nereid was actually on the document they found earlier. He sees Harlan’s name on a burned house as well.

There are sings of the clan’s doing everywhere. Derk spots a giant metal chest and he decides to open it. He sees a man past out inside it!

Derk wakes up the dude, and he screams in horror. The guy stumbles and runs away.

Joshua cries, and Near running towards him. Near uses his telekinetic wall and knocks the man out. Vespa gets Harlan.

Harlan knows who this guy is- his name is Quentin.  Quentin was scared and that’s why he hid in the trunk.  He asks for a drink to calm down, and Near gives him the scotch.   They group shares the drink and talks.  Quentin wants to help with the mission, as he is said to have some skills.

The group sets off again.    The group drinks at the back of the carriage and gets to know each others better.  Derk is being weird to Vespa, and says if anything ever happens to him, he wants Vespa to take care his family for him.

The group arrived by a beach with a cave near by.  Quentin reveals that he was taken by the cult once, and this is the right place.

Near, Derk, Vespa and Quentin are going in.  Alfredo and the bounty family stay guard behind.

The group enters the cave and ventures through it.  Strange noises can be heard, and moaning echoes.  They see a bunch of cages with people wounded in it.

Derk and Quentin see dozen of people in cloaks and about 20~30 people in cages.  Quentin says that he was taken in one of those cages before, too.  Our heroes think the best thing to do is sneak up to the bosses instead of taken down all the cloaked figures.

The see a man in particular fancy cloak brain controlling the prisoners.  This is the master-mind.  Derk and Near decide to follow the fancy cloak.  Vespa and Quentin wait behind.

Near and Derk hear a scream and see everyone running away.  A blast of fire come rushing out and kills the prisoners in the way.  The fancy cloak guy can shoot out fire!  And to make things worse, there are actually two guys in fancy cloaks.

There is a big room with a lot of prisoners working around.  It’s too risky for Near and Derk to be in the open, and they have to be clever about it.  Joshua flies by and distracts the works.  Derk grabs the chance to steal a spare cloak and wheelbarrow.  Derk puts on the cloak, and Near hides in the wheelbarrow.  Derk pushes the wheelbarrow around.

Derk pushes Near into a new chamber.  They see Gullas locked in a cage.  Gullas tells them that these cult people have mind control ability, and he has no idea what’s been going on.  Near tells Gullas to stay put, as they have to investigate more before they can make a move.

Derk and Near enter another camber.  They see zombified workers and the two fancy cloak guys.  The two heroes decide to take out both cloak guys, hoping to cancel out the brain control.

Derk sneaks up to one of the cloak guy, while Near takes aim at the other one from the wheelbarrow.  A zombified guy pushes the wheelbarrow away, and Near is in panic.  He takes out his katana and pierces the guy through the skull.

Derk goes for the kill- he misses, but cuts the guy’s arm and slits his throat a bit.  Near fires his cross-bow at the other guy and gets him in the chest.  He’s dying, but not yet.

Derk’s enemy fire up and fireball at him.  An arrow pierces through his head- Quentin killed him with a sneak attack.

The other enemy wants to kill Derk.  Derk fires a bolt and pin the guy’s hand to his chest.

Vespa shows up, too.  She orders Derk to take the keys and unlocks the cages.  Derk throws an explosive and kills some enemies on the way.  An enemy slashes a sword at Derk, and Gullas saves him in the last second.

The prisoners are freed, and they’re running out the cave.  Near is directing traffic out of the cave, and zombified enemy tackles him.  Near wasn’t prepare for this.

A group of zombified enemies are attacking the prisoners.  Derk fires some bolts to stop them, but there’re more going around.  Near tries to stop a one with an axe, but he pushes him away.  Vespa, Alfredo and the bounty hunter family come to rescue as well.

Everyone escapes the cave, and Derk and Near throw explosive and boom!  Cave-in!  The ax-guy got crushed by the boulders.

Everyone settles down a bit.  Quentin says he knows another location where the prisoners might be- the fire mages.  They’re going to the volcano to be train as fire mages.

This also explain why there have been many earthquakes- the volcano is acting irregularly.