DC Collectibles Green Arrow Unboxing/Review


I got this the other day- DC Collectibles’ New 52 Green Arrow!  I’m not a Green Arrow fan per say, but I’ve been collecting the other New 52 figures from DC Collectibles already, so I figure why not?


Simple parts- a bow and two arrows.



Not very good lighting, I know.  Someone has to teach me how to be a better photographer.




One of the arrow is a little bent.  I have a really bad luck with buying faulty toys these days.  Just my luck I guess.  I will have to be more careful next time.


That arrow of his is just freaking awesome.  The first figure from this series was Batman, and the paint job on that is just ridiculous.  However, the pain job on this is really good.  The armor feels like armor, and the cloth feels like cloth.  The green shines beautifully.

And of course, the articulation is a lot better than the previous figures as well.  It’s always good to see figures improve as the line releases them.


Welcome to the team, Green Arrow!


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