One Piece Figuarts Zero Chopper & Dr. Hiluluk

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Bandai’s Figuarts Zero is releasing Chopper & Dr. Hiluluk combo pack.

It’s great to see Dr. Hiluluk gets a figure treatment.  He is Chopper’s mentor and their backstory has always been the most touching one.

They got the right idea bundling Chopper and Dr. Hiluluk together.  While Dr. Hiluluk might be a great character, it’s hard to see him selling well.  Besides, the Chopper that comes with it’s just adorable.  I thought they would just bundle a Chopper figure they released before already, but no.  This one is so much better, and I really like the book he’s holding.

The figures will be released in July, and for 3,675 yen.  That’s about 40 bucks.