Tuesday Rants- Things I Noticed From DC June 2013 Solicitations


DC just released their June 2013 solicitations.  And again, there are somethings I noticed from this solicitations:

  • New titles are coming in June: The Jim Lee/Scott Snyder Superman project finally has a name- Superman Unchained.
    • Astor City, a critically acclaimed non- DC Universe series is coming back this June as well.
    • Also, the series mentioned in the previous post.
  • 50 titles instead of 52:  It seems like DC is having a difficult time filling up that magical number of 52 these days.  Hopefully that means DC is going to have 2 more titles coming in July.  Perhaps Trinity of Sin: Question?  Since we already have both Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger and Trinity of Sin: Pandora.
  • Batman goes Year Zero: Starting in June, Batman series is going to start an 11 issues story arc about his origin in the New 52 universe. While the story will touch upon Batman’s early career, writer Scott Snyder already promised that this will not erase stories from Batman: Year One.  If anything, it will only work around it.  No detail as who the villain of the story is, but a strong hint was given before that it’s going to be The Riddler.  Also, I think it’s a safe bet that The Red Hood Gang (and pre-Joker) is going to make an appearance as well.  The story better be good though, cause 11-issue is a whole year already…


  • Superboy and his dog: It seems like that Superboy is going to team-up with Krypto.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Superboy, I do like Krypto.  It’s a awesome team-up that I can’t wait to see.
  • Only two titles left: With Ravagers cancelling in May, DC only has two titles left in their Young Justice line.  I think it’s about time DC gets new titles for this line, and I have a few suggestions:
    • Young Justice: A series about the teen team with Nightwing, Starfire and maybe even Cyborg?  There’re hints that such a team existed in New 52’s history, and why not explore more on that?
    •  Maybe move the Green Team to Young Justice.
  • A new Red Lantern: Guy Gardner is joining the Red Lantern.  It’s about time, that guy’s always angry.

Personally, I can’t wait to read the Batman: Zero Year stories.  Also, there’s no story on Trinity War yet, but it’s most likely going to begin in July.  Hopefully.