One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 confirmed for U.S.!!!!

Update 3-01-2013: The newest trailer for the game is out today!


This video confirms that all the previous playable characters such as Whitebeard, Ace, Hancock and Jinbe are all going to be playable again.  It also seems like Buggy the Clown, Mihawk and Crocodile are going to playable as well.  I kind of lost count of how many characters there are now, but it’s safe to say that there’s easily about 30 playable characters.  This totally puts the first game to shame, and we should agree to called that game a “beta” now.

The trailer also shows the game mode where all the Straw Hats are controlled by a mysterious dial.  Enjoy.



Update 2-19-2013: It was announced that all three Admirals and Garp are going to be playable characters as well!


This put the total confirmed playable character to 18!  It also reveals some of the new characters attacks:


There’s also going to be an extra mode in the game where the Straw Hats Pirates are controlled by a mysterious Dial.  To rescue his crew members, Luffy has to team-up with some past enemies.


Update 2-05-2013: The newest image for the game reveals that both Trafalgar Law and Smoker are going to be playable characters in the game as well.


This game really is a lot better than the previous game already.  I still remember how disappointed I was when I found out that the only playable characters are the  Straw Hat Crew plus Ace, Whitebeard, Jinbe and Hancock only.


Update 1-31-2013: A new trailer for the game just got released in Japan.

A lot of information is revealed.  All the Straw Hats have new attacks, Chopper uses Monster Point, Robin uses her cone technique, Franky uses General Franky (and Franky nipple lights) and Usopp uses Pop Green.  I’m really looking forward to this game now.

The trailer also shows that Hancock, Magellan, and Mihawk are going to be in the game as well.  Jinbe is going to be in the game as well, but in his two years later outfit.  Hopefully everyone in the previous game will be in this game, and as playable characters.


Update 1-25-2013: It just confirmed that Gekko Moriah and Perona (2 years later ver.) are both going to make appearances in this game.


It is also confirmed that Perona is going to be a playable character, but Moriah is just going to be a boss so far.

There’s also an image showing General Franky, and all different types of Haki plays in the game.  This is going to be epic.

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Namco Bandai announces that One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is coming to U.S. this summer!

Late last year, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 was announced for Japan for March 2013 for PS3 and PS Vita.  Now it’s really exciting that American One Piece fans are going to get this sequel too.  However, it is unknown that if the game is going to be a digital download only, or the game is going to get the Vita counterpart as well.
For the sequel, Namco Bandai confirms that both Enel and Bartholomew Kuma are going to be playable characters alongside the nine Straw Hat Pirates.  Also, both Kuzan (Aokiji) and Blackbeard are on the game box, so they’re most likely going to make an appearance as well.


I’m getting a Japanese physical copy no matter what.  And I will also get US version physically or digitally.  That’s how much I love One Piece.
At the end, here’s the announcement trailer.  Enjoy.