Assassin’s Greed IV: Black Flag announced



I’m always interested in the franchise, but I never really enjoyed the game.  The story is too bizarre with a man rediscovering his ancestors with a machine.  I don’t see how it’s interesting that the game took place in a virtual memory, and the main character is simulating it.  I’m a story guy, and they story just don’t sell to me.  However, when I heard that  Assassin’s Creed 3 takes place during American Revolutionary War and that’s such an interesting time, I always wanted to pick up the game but never had a chance.

Now I have more chances to get the game!  Assassin’s Creed IV got announced and this time it is going to take place during pirate time, and as an One Piece fan, that’s better than the American Revolutionary War.  The main character is rumored to be Edward Kenway, and he’s going to be grandfather of Assassin’s Creed’s 3‘s Connor.

Also, the box arts are shown as well:




As you can see, the PS 3 version comes with 60 minutes of “exclusive” gameplay.  Lucky I got a PS 3, huh?    What the excessive gameplay is unknown of now, but I’m pretty sure both XBox and Wii U players will be then content later as DLC.   There’re going to more news about the game on March 4th, so I will blog about it when time comes.