My D&D Adventure part 6

It’s the next morning after Leo’s death.  Near wakes up and sees the room is empty but Derk sleeping a few feet away.  Near goes up to the deck and sees Alfredo and Vespa working on a coffin.  Other than Leo’s corpse, there are three body bags not too far.  Aries is standing away from the group.  Not knowing how to deal with the grief, Near decides to go fishing.

Derk wakes up and looks for booze.  He takes a sip and heads up the deck as well and approaches Aries.  He asks Aries the simple questions like what she’s doing here and why she helped.  She says it was just right place at the right time.  Near doesn’t trust Aries at all, and he yells at her.  The situation is tense, and it was really uncomfortable.  Near storms off the help Alfredo and Vespa, while Derk wonders off to drink by himself.

After the coffin is completed, the group has a water funeral where they set the coffin on fire.  They wait until the see the coffin burns to ashes.  Derk follows Vespa back to captain’s quarter where they have a private conversation.  They’re talking about the possibility that Argo was mind controlled, and Vespa’s desire to find both Argo and Gullas.  Derk expresses his distrust of Argo, and plans to kill him when he sees Argo.  This worries Vespa.  Derk leaves the quarter and goes talk to Alfredo.  He tries to talk Alfredo into being on his side, but Alfredo wouldn’t do so- he’s too loyal to Near.  Suddenly Near pulls a crossbow on Derk.  It turns out Vespa wants Near’s help in taking Derk down, because he’s acting too untrustworthy.  Derk empties his pockets along with the amulet and Near ties him up in a room below deck.

A shriek of a bird and the same falcon returns with a letter.  The Ministry is not happy with Near not showing up in his previous work, and he needs to come talk to them.  Near talks to Vespa about it, and she thinks it’s okay for them to stop by the coast city for Near to go talk to his Ministry.  Meanwhile, Alfredo go checks on Derk.  Once again, Derk tries to convince Alfredo to help him, but Alfredo wouldn’t budge.  Near approaches Aries, and apologies to her for being hustle.  He explains that his friend just died, so he can’t help it but feel grumpy.  Aries understands and tells Near that she’s on a mission to free her family from the cult- the cult has the ability to mind control people.

The ship comes to the port city, and they decide to go their separate ways- Near needs to go to the Ministry, Aries is going her own way, Vespa is going to look for clues and she asks Alfredo to keep an close eye on Derk.

Derk and Alfredo decide to go to a bar in town for more information.  Derk somehow ends up talking to a big buy named Bruno doing a job for him in exchange for information.  On the other side, Near arrives the Ministry to talk to the leader- Caelum.  Near explains the reason not to do the work, and Caelum understands.  He also warns Near that bounty hunters are looking for him.  That’s it.  Near thanks Caelum and leaves the area.  Outside the Ministry, Near spots some hooves tacks, but he doesn’t see anyone suspicious.  He leaves the area.

Derk’s job requires him to sneak into a house and places a jewelry box in it.  However, Derk’s curiosity comes over and he decides to pick the box and sees some powder substance in it- he has no idea what this is.  After the job, Bruno tells Derk what he knows about Gullas- he last saw him up some cape in the mountain, and he draws a map for Derk.

The group reunite on the boat.  After sharing information, Vespa decides the group should head out to the cape to find Gullas.

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