My D&D Adventure part 5

The episode opens up with Derk in a dream again.  He faces off the hooded figure again, and it doesn’t have a face.  The figure floats through the wall and into the house.  Derk enters the house and sees nothing, but the sounds of things being dragged.  Derk turns and sees the figure dragging three sacks of bodies.  Derk becomes furious and stabs the figure.  It turns into smoke and surrounds him–

Derk wakes up and sees Leo cooking fish next to him.  The amulet is glowing again, and Derk wonder where Barrion is.  Meanwhile, Joshua flies into the camp and wants Near to follow it.  A falcon flies to the camp and circles the camp in a threatening manner.  Near doesn’t know what to do but uses the animal whistle.  The falcon’s talon is out, and Joshua fights the falcon.  The falcon than drops a letter- it turns out to be a contract job for Near.  The contract wants Near to be a guard for a city official’s home.  Near wonders what Alfredo’s plans are if he’s going to take the job.  As he’s out looking for Alfredo, he hears a scream!  Near runs after the scream and finds Barrion’s corpse in a pool of blood.

Near calls Joshua over to survey the area for any possible suspects.  Derk is worried about Vespa, so he decides to go to the pier to find Vespa.  Derk comes to the pier and sees Vespa working on a new boat- she just bought a new boat and is getting ready for the next adventure.  Vespa requests Derk to get him some tool, so Derk comes to the local inn for the tools.  He flirts with the girl in the inn name Corinna and makes some impression.  Nothing too much, just Derk being Derk.  Back on Near’s side, Near is follows Joshua to an abandoned carriage with dead bodies surrounding it.  Near finds one of them still alive and asks the man what happened.  The man recognizes Near, and has a clear hatred toward him.  Near wonder why and the man tells Near to look at inside the carriage.  There is a clear signs of ransacked inside the carriage, but Near finds wanted posters of him and Derk- for breaking in and murdered the guards.  Near ensures the man that he means no harm, and he wants to know who did this to them, because the person might be the same one that murdered his friend as well.  It takes a while, but the man reveals the assassin to be Aries- a legendary assassin famous for swiftness, and ninja-like ability.  Near cannot leave the man to die, so he puts the man on the back of a horse, and he rides off to find a village.

Near comes to a village and drops the man off.  Knowing that he’s a wanted man, Near doesn’t want to stay at the village too long and takes off trying to find signs of Aries.  He sees hooves prints but it disappears next to a stream, and there’s no sign of people anywhere.  Don’t know what else to do, Near decides to go back to the camp.

Near comes back to the camp, Derk and Vespa are back as well.  Suddenly an earthquake that shatters the ground.  Freaks out with the situation, the group decides to leave.  Near has to make a decision: he either goes with the pirate group, or he goes do his job as the guard.  Thinking it’s too dangerous to be a guard now as a wanted man, Near decides to join the pirate group along with Alfredo.  Vespa thinks it’s a good idea as well, so Near and Alfredo are officially in the crew now.

The group packs for the next adventure, and they take Barrion’s stuff with them.  Near still wants to avenge Barrion’s death, so he decides to go back to the village where’s the dropped the injured man off.  Near, Derk and Leo head for the village to gather information.  Derk heads for the bar while Near and Leo look for the injured man.  They learn that Aries used to be in a certain clan until she was kicked out.  They also suspect Aries might be the same ninja they met in the town before.  Derk decides to go talk to the mayor for more information while Near and Leo wait outside.  Near is secretly planning on leaving Derk behind, because he’s so sick and tired of Derk’s constant drinking and unprofessional.  Meanwhile, Derk learns the possible place where Aries could be.  Suddenly another earthquake!  The town people are freaking out because this place never had earthquake before, and suddenly two in one day?  The group is worried, so they decide to meet up with Vespa and Alfredo back in the camp first.

Near, Derk and Leo see a group of mysterious figures in the woods as well.  They decide to approach the figures but soon lost them.  They see smoke rising from the direction of the camp and run to it.  The campsite is on fire, but Alfredo and Vespa are nowhere to be found.  They spot a note on the table telling them they’re at the pier already, but the mystery figures most likely see it as well.  They rush to the pier right away.

The three arrive the pier, but the place is eerily quiet.  Derk rushes to the inn to check up Corinna, while Near and Leo run to the boat.  Derk can’t find Corinna, but a hooded figure alike the one from his dream pops up and fights him.  Near and Leo cannot find Vespa or Alfredo and call for their names, a “shh” sound and Near sees Vespa’s head popping out of the deck hatch.  Vespa whispers them to get down and suddenly arrows come flying to them.  They need to get out of here!  Near thinks it is the opportunity to get rid off Derk anyway, so he begins to pulls up the anchor.  Derk is still fighting the figure at the inn, and things are not looking too well.  He jumps out the window and lands on the ground hard.  He rushes to the boat while it’s still raining arrows.  Two arrows with ropes attached land on the deck of the boat.  Near tries to cut the rope down, but it’s too late. The hooded figure land on the boat already.  Near begins to fight one while Derk fights the other.  Derk is having his ass kicked by a hooded figure when the hood comes down- it is Argo!  Near is not doing too well either as he is about to have his throat cut open.  Leo comes to rescue and kicks the hooded figure off Near.  A cross-bow bolt pierces through Leo’s chest.  Near runs over to check Leo, and he is about to be hit by another bolt when suddenly a hand blade flies over killing the hooded figure instantly.  Aries jumps on the deck of the ship and begins to fight off the hooded figure.  She instantly kills three hooded figures and drives Argo and another one away.  The boat sails away from the pier and Aries lights the pier on fire to prevent Argo’s pursuit.

The boat is far away from the pier now.  Leo has one final breath, asks Near if they won and he dies.  Derk wants Aries to take off her mask and tell them what her deal is.  She takes off her mask and reveals she’s actually Corinna.