Things I notice from DC May 2013 solicitations

DC just released their May 2013 solicitations in the entirety.  And here are some things I noticed:

  • The obvious, DC is cancelling six titles including Hawkman and two new series are starting this month The Green Team and The Movement.
  • The Wake is coming in May 1st.  Ever since DC announced the project last year at Comic Con, fans been waiting for this.  It’s good to see its release date.
  • Earth 2 has a new Batman?  Who can this be?  Someone online says that it might be New 52’s Jean-Paul Valley.  Or maybe…
  • Batman issue 20 states that there’s a team-up we’ve been asking since the start of New 52.  Maybe this team up is Batman and Jean-Paul Valley?
  • What, The Ventriloquist hasn’t appear in New 52 yet?  And DC wants to make the villain a female this time?  I’m not so sure about that…
  • So Firestorm is officially part of Justice League now?  Also, who is that tiny woman hanging by Batman on Justice League‘s cover?
  • Orion is fighting Superman!
  • I think, sadly, the biggest news comes out of May solicitations is the fact that POWER GIRL IS GETTING HER OLD LOOK BACK!  I never think the old look was sexiest and I think by changing  it, it makes things worse than ever.  Now I’m glad she gets her old look back, and it makes me wonder what’s the story behind it.  Great, this happens when I decided to stop reading it.