DC cancelled more titles in May

DC comics reveals that six more titles are getting cancelled in May.  These titles are The Savage Hawkman,  The Fury of FirestormSword of SorceryTeam 7Deathstroke and The Ravagers.

The news was revealed in CBR‘s monthly “B&B” column with DC comics editor-in-chief Bob Harras and editorial director Bobbie Chase.  However, they didn’t mention any replacement for these titles.  DC really is getting further and further from that magical number of 52.

Harras also mentions that although the series are ending, it doesn’t mean the characters won’t be seen anymore.  Hawkman is going to be in Justice League of America, and they already have plans for Deathstroke.  Ravagers characters such as Beast Boy, Terra and Caitlin Fairchild are specifically mentioned that they are going to be around.  Maybe having Beast Boy and Terra be part of Teen Titans?  And Amethyst from Sword of Sorcery will “hopefully” appear in Justice League Dark.  I don’t know why “hopefully”, cause even though I don’t like the series, I really like Amethyst as a character.  She just has so much potential.  Chase also states that DC has new titles coming for the “Young Justice” line.  It’s about time!  Cause after Ravagers is cancelled, there will only be two titles in this line Teen Titans and Legion of Super-Heroes.  Personally, I hope DC comes with a Red Robin solo title, because there isn’t a lot of story about him yet, and I would really like to read more about him.  Also, Shazam! own monthly title.  I want more Shazam than the back-up of Justice League.