My D&D Adventure part 4

Continued from here.

The group decides to only have Near and Derk entering the sewer.  This is a stealth mission, so the less people the better.  Near also has Joshua the owl with him.  Meanwhile, Vespa, Leo and Alfredo are going to wait outside the village.

The two come across a grate by the sewer.  After some struggles the two finally mange to enter the complicated, maze like sewer.  The two turn right and left until they end up in a chamber where the see a hooded thingy wielding an axe.  Derk cuts off the guys’s arm and purple blood spills out all over the place.  Near then fires a bolt to pierce through the figure’s head.  The figure lies on the ground, motionless.  Suddenly, Derk is grabbed by the neck by the figure’s detached arm.  The arm chokes, and pulls Derk closer to the figure and he sees a melted, face without any eyes.  Derk was pulls closer and closer when Near got the idea to light the creature on fire.  The creature squeals in pain and runs off.  It accidentally knocks over some jars and the fire burns up greater than ever.  The creature stumbles into a coffin and hides away from sight.  Meanwhile, Joshua flies away due to fear.  Near and Derk find their bearings and leave the area.

The two comes to another room with a high ceiling.  Derk notices there’s a hatch high on the ceiling, so he asks Near for help.  The two try to reach the hatch, but failed.  Near hears similar noises as the zombie like creatures, so he encourages Derk to get the hell out of there.  Suddenly, the hatch door opens and they see  chopped human remains dropping down and lands on the ground with disgusting sounds.  They know what this is right away-  this is the feeding ground for those zombie like creatures!  They know shit is going down as they run away from this area.  The run down a hallway as sounds of fresh eating are behind them.

The two finally comes to a door.  Derk pick the lock and they enter the pitch-dark room.  The room is full of caged up prisoners.  When Derk and Near ask them what they’re doing there, there are no reply.  All the prisoners have grey-out eyes, and they keep mumbling Seamus, the name of the mayor.  Don’t know what to do with them, Near and Derk decide to leave them for now and continues to look for their way to upstairs.

The two finally manage to find the way into the mayor’s house.  They sneak around but don’t see any guards at all.  The enter the master bedroom and see a man lying on the bed.  They notice the man is not moving at all and breathing slowly.  The room also been ransacked as well.  Realizing something is wrong, the two move on to the next room.  The next room is the studying, and there are papers all over the ground- someone ransacked this room as well. Suddenly, someone throws a hand blade to them, and they only avoid it just in time.  A ninja pops out of no where!  The ninja jumps out the window before Derk and Near can make any moves.  They look out the window and sees the ninja is already on the roof of the building across the street.  The two look at each others dumbfounded.  Near notices the hand blade the ninja threw before has a some documents attached to it.  Near reads the documents and understands that it is the things that Barrion is looking for.  They hear noises coming from down the hallway and knows that the mayor is awake.  The two sneak out the window and climb on the roof just in time.  On top of the roof, Derk and Near see some guards coming into the house.  They overheard the mayor telling them someone robbed the house as the guards enter the house.

The two decide to go to the other side of the house for softer landing.  Near climbs down first, but he accidentally eats it pretty badly.  Derk sees this happening and decides to climb back into the house with the window for safer landing, regardless of Near’s warning.  Derk climbs through a window and lands in the living room- where the guards are sitting!  Derk runs off

Meanwhile on the ground, Near calls for Joshua and sees it flying back to him.  He also sees Derk runs out of the house as well, chasing by the guards.  The two run off and jumps on horses from the stable.  They are going to make it outside the village wall when they see four guards blocking the way out- all of them have their cross bows ready and fire!  Near blocks most of the bolts with his Kinetic Shield, but one of the bolts hit his horse anyway.  Derk fires his cross bow and kills a guard instantly.  Near uses his horse as a shield and fires at the guards, but only injure them.  Derk squeezes through the guards with only minimal damages.  Don’t know what to do, Near continues to use his dead horse as a shield from the bolts.  Two bolts fly over from the other side of the wall, killing two guards instantly.  Near looks up and sees Vespa and Leo firing their weapons at the guards.  One guard left, and Near fires his arrow, piercing through the guard’s heart instantly.  Near, Derk, Vespa, Leo and Joshua hurry escape the village.  When asked what happened to Alfredo, Vespa tells him that he is already back at the campsite with Barrion.

Finally back at the campsite, Near shows the documents to Barrion.  Barrion tells them that it is a list of the villages that the bandits have attacked already.  The villages that was attacked have their names crossed out, and there’re two name on here that weren’t cross out yet.  These two villages are going to be attacked next.

To be continued ..