My D&D Adventure part 3

Continued from here.

Derk wakes up and finds himself wash up on a beach.  He looks around and find Near unconscious in the row boat.  Vespa, Leo and Alfredo are searching for dry wood to start a fire.  Upon close examination, Derk notices there’s a big hole on the row boat.  They are stuck on an island few miles off coast from the mainland.  Derk decides to explore the forest behind him, hoping to find helps.

Derk walks around the jungle.  There doesn’t seem to be any signs of civilizations.  Suddenly, Derk falls off a giant hole and lands in a bizarre cave.  Meanwhile, back at the beach site, Near wakes up.  Near cannot move his leg at all and he calls for help.  Near comes along and tells Near that he has to rest up- he is awfully injured from the backdraft.  Leo walks up to him and gives him some home-made crutches.  Near thanks and hoists himself up.  Near wonders where Derk is.

Derk walks around the cave with a limp.  He comes across a giant pond and see a giant hole at the bottom of the pond.  He wonders what’s in there, but a fear soon rushes through him.  Derk looks around for an alternate route out and finds another hill that he can climb up.  He struggles, but finally manage to climb up just to see a skeleton on top of it.  The skeleton holds a loaf of bread and a canister.  Derk decides to fill the canister up with the pond water so he slides back down to the cave.

Near decides to walk around, hoping to find something.  He really ain’t the type that just sits around and waits.  He wants to at least walk around the coast and sees what he can find.  Alfredo wants to tag along and the two left.  The two walk around the coast until they see boat wreckage, and it’s from the pirate ship.  Near also notices the captain’s quarter as one of the the wreckage.  Near finds the desk and digs through the drawer to find some wet documents.  It’s too wet to read it now, so they have to wait for it to dry.  A giant fish swims around and tries to eat Alfredo.  Alfredo slashes with his blade and cuts the fish in half.  Dinner!  They spots a lot of fish eating something a little far away from the coast and Near asks Alfredo to go check it out.  Alfredo asks Near to at least spot on him.  Alfredo moves out and and grabs the thing the fishes are eating- a dead body.  He also notices a small barrel next to it and drags it along as well.  Another giant fish swims towards Alfredo, and Near takes aim and fires an arrow.  The arrow pierces right through the fish and splits it into two.  The now the blood of the fish will attract more giant fishes, so Alfredo rushes out the water.  But look, more dinner!

The two investigate the dead body, expecting it to be either Argo or Gullas.  However, it turns out to be a complete stranger.  No idea who this is, but there a knife wounds on the corpse.  They then move on to the barrel.  They bust open the barrel and water washes out to reveal a black book.  The both recognize the book to be a dark sorcery one.  A dangerous book to read.  They wonder why this book is here, and they don’t know what can of evil this means.  They decide to hide the book from others right now.  Nothing else is around, Alfredo and Near decide to deliver the dinner back to the beach site.

Derk puts the canister back in the pond.  He fills it with water and drinks it.  Refresh.  He looks at the hole at the bottom and once again feels the fear.

Near and Alfredo return to the beach site, and give the fish to Vespa and Leo.  Vespa also reveals that she fixes the row boat already, so they can go as soon as Derk gets back.  Near can’t really wait anymore so he decides to go find Derk himself.  He finds a grass and makes it into a whistle.  When asks what he’s doing, he reveals that he can summon animals for help.  A sharp whistle sound, and a little marsupial shows up. Near gives it Derk’s weapons to sniff, and asks it to find Derk.  The little marsupial runs off, Near and Alfredo go after.

Down at the cave, Derk can hear the the whistle as well.  Suddenly, a loud noises behind him that sounds like an animals cry.  Derk looks into the pond and sees a monster similar to the Loch Ness monster in it. Derk is scared shitless!  He pulls out the only weapon he has on his- a dagger and ready to face the monster.

The little marsupial leads Near and Alfredo to the giant hole.  They screams for Derk and sees him facing something terrified.  Derk cannot climb up the hole, and Near tries to pull him up with the crutches.  But Derk can’t reach it.  Near has no choice but goes down there to help Derk out.  He tells Alfredo to wait up here in case anything happens.  The monster swings its tail and knocks both Derk and Near away.  Near injuries his leg even worse.  Near sees that the monster tries to finish Derk off, so he uses he telekinetic shield to stop it.  He then tries the whistle again and notices the monster is clearly bother by it.  He keeps on trying the whistle until the monster is back into the pond.  Near and Derk turn to the hole and ask Alfredo for help.  Alfredo throws in some vines and eventually pulls them up.  Near leg is injured badly, and if they don’t get help soon, Near might have to loose the leg.

Derk, Near and Alfredo return to the beach site.  Vespa and Leo are eating the fish already.  After learning how bad Near’s situation is, the group heads out for the mainland right away.  After a few hours of rowing, the group is back at mainland .  They are still far from any villages, so they decide to split up and look for any helps.  Near, Vespa and Leo and group, Derk and Alfredo a group.  Near also gives the other group a flair for when they found the village.  After a short investigation, Near’s group comes across a small campsite, with a fire lit up and a hut.  Vespa stands by while Near and Leo slowly approach the hut.  They saw a hooded man sitting in the hut and Near points his cross bow at him.  The man freaks out, but Near promises he is not going hurt him.  Near explains the situation to him, and why they;re holding weapons.  The man understands and agrees to take a look at Near’s leg while Leo sends out flair to Derk and Alfredo.  The man reveals his name to be Barrion, and he is a mage.  After performing surgery on Near’s leg, the group tells Barrion that they were trying to help out a village that was attack by bandits when they got into troubles.  Barrion asks what villages that is and it turns out that Barrion was an exile from the same village!  Barrion learns that the mayor of the village made deals with some savage natives from the volcano area, and when Barrion found out, the mayor exile him from the village.  While Barrion doesn’t know the details of this deal, but he is sure that it has something to do with the kidnapped villagers.  Barrion promises to take the group to the volcano if the group can steal some evidently documents from mayor’s house first.  The group agrees and they are going to move on after a good night rest.

The group moves out the next day.  The arrive the village with Vespa and Leo stay guard outside, and the rest go into the village to look for further information.  Near goes to the vet and finds Joshua healthy again, while Derk decides to get more information from the saloon.  The bartender reveals plenty of information to Derk.  He learns the guards’ schedule and how to sneak the mayor’s house- apparently there’s a sewer way that leads straight to the house.  Derk also asks the bartender about the amulet, and he reveals that the amulet is made out of a rare stone that you can only be found in the volcano region.  Anyway, Derk meet up with Near and relay the information to him.  The group is getting ready to enter the mayor’s house.

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