My D&D Adventure part 2

Continued from here.

Derk wakes up and finds himself in a village.  The same village where his family is- he’s back somehow.  He looks around but sees no one; the village is bizarrely quite.  He walks up to his house and enters the unlocked door.  He is scared.

The house is a mess, and he can’t see his wife or kids.  He stumbles around and sees the kids’ bedroom door opens.  He peeks in but doesn’t see anything.  He then turns to the master bedroom.  He tries the door, but it is locked.  He tries to bounce the door open, but it won’t budge.  He decides to go outside and peer through the window, but he sees nothing.  He then suddenly hears crying sounds from inside the house, so he rushes back in the house just to see that the kids’ bedroom door is now closed.  He successfully breaks it open this time just to see a Grim Reaper figure jumps out to him.  Derk begins to fight the figure, but nothing happens- his attacks go right through.  He decides to start a fire, but just to have his own house burning down.  Derk decides to escape his house, and sees a giant oak tree that wasn’t there before.  He sees three charred bodies hanging on the branches.  He walks up to it, afraid of the realization….

Derk wakes up and finds himself sleeping at the bar.  He’s drunk again, and he rushes out to puke at the horse trough.  Tonto looks at him with disgust.  Near walks up to Derk and wonders what the heck is going on, just to have Derk to puke all over him.  Near gets mad and punches Derk straight in the face.  The two got into a small fight where the villagers gather and watch.  The bartender comes out and stops the fight.  Derk wants to go back to the boat, and he rides off with Tonto.

Near goes around the village gather gears.  He got himself a crossbow and some bolts.  He visits the infirmary- it turns out Joshua the owl is in care by the villagers right now.  The note on its leg in written in some ancient language that the librarian  is trying to decipher.  The vet tells Near that he can go get some herb growing right outside the village and it can ease Joshua’s pain.  Near decides to take Alfredo with him to go find this herb.  He originally asked Vespa for help as well, but she wants to back to the dock with the rest of her crew members.

The mission to get the herb is an easy one.  Other than the pain killers, Near also found couple of poisons and some mind herbs.  He brings the pain killers back to the bet, and the vet reveals that the Joshua was covering in ashes, and the ashes in from a certain volcano region 4 days away from the village.  Near thinks the possibility that the villagers are there is really high, but 4 days are too far.  The vet tells him it would be faster if they have a boat.  Near and Alfredo decide to go ask Derk and his crew members for help again.

Meanwhile on the boat, Gullas tells Derk that they need to do some of their pirating business.  While the villagers are nice and all, but they are not making any money.  They need to leave the village by the end of the day if anything.  Derk suggests they should rob the merchant ship that been dock by the coast for the past few days.  Gullas thinks about it and thinks it might be a good idea, but if they don’t find a thing, they still have to leave tonight.  Derk’s fine with it and he’s going to find some whatever for the preparation.  He leaves the captain’s quarter just to see Vespa returns.  He tries to flirt with her, but fail miserably again.  He goes down below the deck and looks for some gears.  He finds some dynamites and some suspicious letter to Gullas- the letter that states Gullas made some mistakes.  Derk doesn’t know what to do, so he decides to keep the letter meanwhile.  He hears noises coming aboard, so he decides to go take a look.

Near and Alfredo arrive the boat.  Derk is angry to see Near, but Near states he’s only here to talk to Gullas.  Near enters the captain quarter and asks Gullas for help.  Gullas agrees to help out, but he wants Near to have them with the robbery first.  Near reluctantly agrees.  Gullas wants Near to go on the row boat  for sneak attack with Derk.  Near tells Gullas his problem with Derk, and doesn’t think it is a good idea.  After some consideration, Gullas thinks it’s better if Vespa go with Gullas instead.

Night time, Derk and Vespa row towards the merchant ship while everyone else approach slowly with the pirate ship.  On the row boat,  Derk decides to come clean with Vespa what he found about Gullas.  He also  shows Vespa the amulet he found in this previous episode.  This is when he notices that the amulet is glowing with red light.  He has no idea what this means, and Vespa says that she seems something like this before, but she’s not sure what this is either.  Back on the pirate ship, Near asks if Gullas has any fire power.  Argo takes Near below the deck and shows the the catapult.  He asks if Near wants to operate, but Near thinks Argo should just do it instead.  He goes upstairs to get ready for the strike.

The row boat makes it to the merchant ship.  Derk hoists himself up to the ship while Vespa stays guard on the row boat.  The merchant ship is scary quiet, and no one can be seen in at all.  Derk decides to go below the deck and searches.  Derk comes to a dark hallway and sees many rooms.  He lights up a lantern and begins to search for loots.  Instead, Derk finds many charred up bodies.  Derk freaks out and when he is about to turn around he comes with an UNKNOWN figure.  The figure knocks the lantern out of Derk’s hand.

Back on the pirate ship, Near notices something is wrong with Vespa.  She begins to climb on the ship and Near tells everyone to get closer.  Back in the dark hallway, Derk can’t see a thing.  He begins to slashes around like crazy, but nothing was hit.  He feels the figure leaving the room so he decides to go after with the amulet as the only light source.  On the deck, Near, Alfredo and Leo just jumped over, and they are looking for Vespa.  They meet up and decide to go below the deck to look for Derk.  They go downstairs and the two parties meet up, but not without one side almost killing another.  Suddenly, Gullas lets out the warning sound from the ship.  While everyone else wanna go, Derk wants to explore the boat more.  Alfredo notices smokes coming from above and he thinks they should go.  But Derk insists on searching the place a little more.  Near gets angry and pushes Derk with his telekinesis power.  This just angers Derk even more.  After a small argument, they hurry through the rooms trying to find something.  Derk finds some letters that has similar threat to Gullas’s letter from earlier.  He has no idea what this means and decides to pocket it first.  That’s it for the rooms, and the gang heads back upstairs.

The deck is covering in flames, and they can see the pirate ship sailing away from them.  They run to the edge of the boat and jump on to the row boat.  Everyone lands successfully, but Vespa twists her ankle.  Near gives her some pain herb, while the others row away from the burning merchant ship.  They close up to the pirate ship and find something shocking- the pirate ship is on fire as well!  They scream for Gullas and Argo, but no replay.  Derk sees the figure that was on the merchant ship on the pirate ship now, and everything it touches quickly turns to flame.  Near decides to enter the ship to find out Gullas and Argo.  Derk wants to tag along too.  The two enter the ship through the catapult hole.  They enter the ship but doesn’t see anything.  The flames burn lively, and it’s becoming more and more dangerous by the seconds.  Derk wants to go check the captain’s quarter even though Near thinks it is too dangerous.  The two come across the captain’s quarter but the handle is burning hot.  The two give each other a look then Near tries to open the door with his telekinesis.  The door opens and they see a charred up body inside.  Before they can make out who that is, backdraft happens and knocks Derk into the room across, and Near down the hallway.  Near, badly injured, crawls down back to the catapult hole.  He falls through the hole and caught by Alfredo and Leo.  They wonder what happened to Derk.

Inside the room, Derk wants to escape through the window but it is too small.  He puts dynamite on the window and it blows into a perfect hole for Derk to escape through.  Derk jumps out the hole and lands in the water.  He grabs a piece a wood and floats on.  The row boat team finds Derk floating around and rescues him.  The pirate ship slowly sinks away…

To be continued…

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