Things I noticed from DC April 2013 solicitations

DC just released their April 2013 solicitations in the entirety.  Here’s a link to it:

There are some things I noticed in this solicitations and I would like to talk about it:

  1. Whoever wrote this solicitations really likes to ask us questions we don’t know how to answer.  Is this an interrogation or something?
  2. Every issues this month have fold-out cover hiding important details of the issues.
  3. DC Universe Presents and I, Vampire got cancelled.  Does this mean the untitled Superman series is coming in May?  And does that mean another new series is coming in May to fill up that magical number of 52?
  4. There’s a new Robin in town, and her name is Harper Row.
  5. Flash is EVERYWHERE- including the typical The Flash title and Justice League, The Flash is also set to appear in Justice League Dark, the final issue of DC Universe Presents and, of all unlikely places, Dial H.
  6. Detective Comics issue 19 WOULD be issue 900 if the New 52 never happen.  It seems like DC is going to celebrate it like it’s issue 900 anyway with over-sized 80 pages and an cover price of $7.99.
  7. And of course, tons of creative team changes.

I personally can’t wait to read all the titles with The Flash in them.  I states before in my comics reviews that I don’t think Barry Allen is going to last in the New 52 very long, and maybe this is the evidence.  Well, only time can tell right?

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  1. In the New 52 sales chart, Firestorm has been occupying the 49th spot for months. This means that, in the last months, only Blue Beetle, Grifter and G.I.Combat sold less than Firestorm.
    In a normal situation, it would have been cancelled with the 16th issue, but DC repeatedly preferred to close some series which were selling more: first Legion Lost and Frankenstein, now DC Universe Presents and I,Vampire. Why DC is so hellbent on keeping Firestorm alive, in your opinion?

  2. I think it’s obvious that DC is not only cancelling low-selling series, but they are also cancelling series they have no idea where they’re going, or they have other things plan for it.

    Like Frankenstein, they cancelled it because they think it has more potential if the character is part of Justice League Dark. Grifter, other than being low selling, it has possibility to team up with other WildStorm characters and star in their own Wildcats series. As of I, Vampire? I never read it, but I heard it’s a wonderful series. So my best guess is that DC has no idea where this is going and decides to just make rooms for other possibilities.

    As of Firestorm, it is possible that DC has plans for it down the road so it’s not cancelled. Who knows? Maybe once they decided where to place Firestorm, the series will be cancelled right away.

    • You’re right. When a title closes or is about to close, DC tries to cheer up its fans by putting its leading character in another series as a supporting character: in fact, Frankenstein passed to Justice League Dark, Grifter passed to Team 7, Mr. Terrific passed to Earth 2, Blue Beetle will appear in Threshold, and so on. Which is great, because some of these characters are not popular enough to carry a solo title, but they are too interesting to disappear. As you suggested, probably DC still doesn’t know where to put Firestorm, and that’s why that title is still alive. Thank you for your reply! : )

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    • The cancellations DC planned make sense. One may argue that Ravagers was selling more than Stormwatch, and Team 7 was selling more than Demon Knights and Batwing, so at least Ravagers and Team 7 could have been saved… but let’s face it, both of them had been widely panned from the very first day, and their sales were in a free fall, so why DC should have postponed an inevitable choice?
      In Italy, we call “defeated by history” someone or something that worked for a certain period of time, and then the world changed, the tastes of the general public evolved… and some people and things that had been widely appreciated in the past started being ignored, or even panned. Hawkman is a perfect example of a character “defeated by history.” He’s one of the most iconic DC characters, and now even the youngest DC superhero (Batwing) and the worst Green Arrow of all time (Nocenti’s one) sell more than him.
      I hope that Grifter will find a little spot in one of the 6 titles that will replace Team 7 & co., because he’s one of the best comic book characters ever, so he’s too interesting to disappear. This is the time to launch WildC.A.T.S., DC!
      What do you think about these 6 cancellations? Did you like anyone of those series? Which titles will replace them, in your opinion?

      • I actually don’t like any of these titles, so I don’t mind when DC announced that they’re cancelled. The only one I care is probably Sword of Sorcery, because I always find Amethyst an interesting character.

        Honestly, I already see Team 7 ending soon with or without low selling. I mean, the story takes place in the past, is only a matter of time it’d gonna catch up to present time and we already know what these characters are doing in present anyway. So no surprise there.

        As of Ravagers, I read that before. Man, that’s some bad stories. I’m not surprised that it got cancelled. Hopefully we get to see some of the characters in Teen Titian. It would be good to see Beast Boy and Terra return to their roots.

        As of what titles are going to replace them? I have no idea, but I have a wishlist. Red Robin, Shazam, WildCATS…etc

        Oh, by the way, I saw a pic for May’s Justice League title and it has Firestorm on it. So it seems like he finally finds a home for himself 😉

  4. Yes! DC cancelled his solo title the very second he “moved” to the Justice League title, exactly like you predicted. : )