Injustice: Gods Among Us Finally got a release date!

Also Announced today is the special edition called Battle Edition, and the prequel comic book.  I will go into more details with the prequel comic with tomorrow’s comics reviews.  The Battle edition comes with injustice fight stick featuring art from the game, and three exclusive character skins of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman based on their New 52 appearances.  The retail price for this edition is set for $149.99.

Warner also finally gives out the image of the Collector’s Edition.  The details are the same as before: a statue of Batman and Wonder Woman in battle, DLC skins, a steel book, a special edition prequel comic mentioned above and digital download of the movie Justice League: Doom.  This set will retail for $99.99

Personally, I think the Collector Edition is a much better choice than the Battle Edition.  Much cheaper too.  I already pre-ordered my already, and can’t wait for its release date.