Robot Chicken, Adventure Time, Green Lantern and

Netflix just signed a new deal with Time Warner that focuses on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.  Starting March 2013, Netflix will begin to stream Cartoon Network titles such as Green Lantern: The animated series, Adventure Time, Ben 10, Johnny Bravo and many more.  Adult Swim will bring to the table Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Boondocks and Children’s Hospital.  Also, for some reason, TNT’s classic drama Dallas is also part of the deal.

Like I stated above, All these animations will begin to surface Netflix starting this March.  However, Dallas is not coming to Netflix until January next year.

So for those who’re waiting for Dallas, sorry that you have to wait longer.  Personally, I’m super exited about  those animations and I’m glad it’s only two more months wait for us.