My First D&D Adventure

I played Dungeon and Dragon for the first time this weekend.  The character creation process was really annoying- it took us over two hours just to do so.  However, once the game started I really had a lot of fun.  The limitless decisions and possibilities.  I really LOVE it.  Also, I would like to thank my Dungeon Master for coming up with such a wonderful story.

Anyway, I like the story so much, I decide to write down the synopsis of it:

Near is a 33 years old mercenary with a katana and a crossbow.  Right now he is sitting at the back of a carriage traveling across the desert with a driver at the front.  The carriage comes to a stop, and Near can hear the driver talking to someone.  He peeks out and sees the driver talking to an armed fellow.  He can’t tell what the two are talking about, so he decides to get closer.

Near sneaks out the carriage to listen to the conversations.  He learns that the armed fellow is a bandit wanting to rob the carriage.  The armed fellow seems dangerous so the best thing to do is run.  Near yells at the driver to run, but the driver doesn’t do anything.  The armed man notices Near and strikes his blade at him.  Near fires his crossbow at the armed man’s face and kills him instantly.  The driver seems impressed.

At a saloon in a village, Derk, pirate in his late 20s, wakes up with a hungover.  He has a blade and crossbow on him.  He asks the bartender what happened and learns that his crew member- Argo leaves him alone after he lost 3000 golds in a bet.  Angry at his crew, Derk sets out to look for them.

Derk wants to go to the port, but the local carriage has not return yet (hint, hint).  Derk decides to steal a house from the stable, but the horse wouldn’t obey him.  The commotion wakes up the stable owner and Derk puts a knife on him.  He wants the stable owner to give him a horse that will obey him.  The owner won’t give the horse to him, but agree to sell him one with cheaper price.  Derk thinks about it and agrees.  He saddles on and leaves.

Out at the desert, Near and the driver spot a mysterious figure running.  They decide to get a close look, but can only tell that it’s a humanoid figure.  Near yells at the figure, but with no reply as the figure continues to run off.  Near decides to fire crossbow at it.  The figure disappear suddenly.  The carriage comes to a stop and Near asks the driver to go look at it.  The driver is afraid, but Near promises that he got his back.  The driver walks over, but can’t find a thing.  Whatever it is, it’s gone already.  The drivers tells Near that the village is closed by, maybe they should go over there to take a look.  Near agrees.

Derk, now named his horse Tonto, exits the village through the gate.  A guard asks him where he’s going and reminds him to be careful.  Suddenly, an arrow pierces through the guard’s skull, killing him instantly.  Derk panics and dashes away from the village.

Derk sees dozens of armed bandits on horses charging towards him.  He decides to hide in the bushes next to him.  At first, he tries to hide Tonto as well, but failed.  Luckily the bandits ride by without giving a shit about Tonto.  Once the bandits are gone, Derk comes out of hiding and rides away with Tonto.

Near and the driver is close to the village now.  The driver gets scared and asks Near if he can give him a weapon and Near gives him the katana.  This is when Near spots Derk coming to them.  After everything they went through, Near fires a warning shot at Derk.  Derk panics and falls of the horse into some bushes.  The carriage drives up to next to Derk, and Near jumps off to check.  Derk attacks Near, but Near blocks him.  Near yells stop and explains that he was only firing crossbow for self-defense.  Derk warns them not to enter the village because there are a lot of bandits in there attacking the village right now.  Near says that they have to go help the villagers, but Derk doesn’t think that’s a good idea at all- the bandits are heavily armed, and there’s no way the two of them can do anything about it.  Derk has to go now because he needs to get back to his crew.  Near thinks maybe Derk’s crew can help them out and asks if he can tag along.  Derk reluctantly agrees.

Near hops onto the carriage to get his belongings when an arrow hit the carriage.  They look up and see two bandits charging towards them.  They didn’t seem to spot Derk, so Derk decides to sneak away with Tonto.  Near fires his crossbow at the bandits, while the driver scares shitless.  The bolts doesn’t seem to work too well with the bandits and suddenly Near’s crossbow breaks- the rope rips.  One of the bandit fires an arrow and it hits the driver’s leg.  The driver screams in pain and drops the katana.  Near jumps off the carriage and picks up the katana.  He then bends down to cut a horse’s legs.  The bandit falls off and eats it pretty hard.  Near then attempts to cut the other’s horse’s head off.  The horse’s head didn’t come off, but it was damage pretty badly.  The bandit gives Near an admiration look and drops his bow.  He jumps off his horse and pulls out a sword- he wants to fight Near man-to-man.

Derk sees the whole thing.  He feels ashamed for running away and decides to help Near out.  He spots the first bandit regaining consciousness and stumbling towards Near, who’s having a stale-match with the other bandit.  Derk wants to fire his crossbow at the bandit, but he ran out of the bolts.  He then charges to the first bandit on Tonto and cuts the bandit’s head clean off.

The bandit seems distracted by his friend’s death, and Near grabs the opportunity to kick the bandit in the nuts.  Nothing happens.  Derk charges to the other bandit, but he misses as Tonto makes the wrong turn.  The bandit slashes and almost kills Near.  Derk tries again and finally kills off the second bandit this time.

Near thanks Derk for the help.  He goes on and attends the driver’s wound.

(This is when my Dungeon Mater reveals that no one ever cares about a carriage driver as much before, so he decides to give the driver a name- Alfredo.)

Alfredo appreciates Near’s help.  He decides to follow Near and helps him out anyway he can.  Near still wants to help out the village, and he can really get some helps from Derk’s crew.  Near picks up the bandits’ bows and arrows.  He keeps one and gives the other to Alfredo.  Once everyone is ready, they set out to find Derk’s crew at the port.

After about an hour of traveling, Near, Derk and Alfredo come to the port and finds the pirate ship.  Alfredo waits by the carriage while Near and Derk aboard the ship.  They are soon attacked by Vespa, the crew member who’s guarding the ship.  Derk explains the situations to Vespa and has her to wake everyone else up.  Near is then introduced to rest of Derk’s crew member- Argo, Leo and Captain Gullas.  After hearing what Near has to say, Gullas decides to help the village.  The group gets ready and heads back where they were from.

On the way there, Vespa reveals that she found a spell book- Telekinesis from earlier, but she has no use to it.  Near wonders if he can have it.  Vespa doesn’t see a reason not to and gives it to him.  Derk rides on Tonto along side the carriage and keeps on trying to flirt with Vespa.  Vespa sticks her head out of the carriage and asks if Derk still remember that he has a wife to shut Derk up.  This clearly upsets Derk.

The group arrives just outside the village.  Near thinks it’s a better idea if they sneak into the village, but Derk just goes ahead and enter the village from the front door.  The rest of the group doesn’t know what to do but proceed to their plan.

Derk enters the village on Tonto, expecting to face some enemies.  Instead, he only finds casualties and burned building.  He looks around and decides to enter the saloon he was at earlier.  He finds the bartender still alive and asks him what happened.  The bartender tells him that the bandits come and take some of the villagers alive.  Derk asks why they took the villagers, but the bartender doesn’t know and just pour himself drinks.

The rest of the group sneaks into the village and are ambushed by the villagers.  They try to explain that they are only here to help, but the guards wouldn’t believe them.  Derk comes along and tries to explain as well.  Thankful some town people recognize Derk thus clearing this problem.  The villagers tell Near and others what happened, and Near does a bird whistle and summons an owl.  It turns out that Near has an owl named Joshua.  Near wants Joshua to go find these bandits and reports back where they are.  This action totally impressed Leo, and makes Alfredo admires Near even more.  Now is all waiting time for Joshua to come back, and Near decides to go around helping wounded villagers while Derk wants to go around looking for clues.

Derk comes around a pool of blood just outside the village.  In the middle of it is an amulet.  Derk picks up the amulet when suddenly, one of the bandit appears.  He charges toward Derk and Derk fights back.  It takes a while, but Derk takes the bandit down eventually.  Derk decides to torture the bandit until he spills where they taken the villagers to.  The bandit mumbles that he will never reveal the secret then he brings out secret sleeve knife and cuts his own throat.  Derk, covering in blood, looks at the corpse with a wide open mouth.

After helping out some villagers, Near acquires some bolts and flairs from the village shop.  He gives some bolts to Leo, who’s also a crossbow user.  He asks who’s the sharpest shooter in the crew, and Leo tells him Vespa is.  Near goes and finds Vespa doing swordplay with a little boy.  He notices Vespa is getting too serious, and knocks the boy over.  She whispers something to the little boy then the boy runs away.  Near approaches Vespa and asks if it’s okay for Vespa to train Alfredo in bowing.  Vespa wonders what Near’s relationship with Alfredo is.  Near says that Alfredo was just a carriage driver he hired, but after saving his life a couple times, Alfredo decides to follow Near around.  Near says that he just doesn’t want Alfredo to be vulnerable out on the battlefield.  Vespa understands the feeling and agrees to help Alfredo out.  This is when Nears sees Derk comes back covering in blood.  He asks Derk what happened, and Derk tells him about the bandit, but not the amulet.  But Near can tell Derk is hiding something.  Near then decides to work on the spell book, hoping he can learn  Telekinesis from it.

Derk can’t wait anymore and he wants to go find the bandits. Argo borrows a horse from the stable (the same horse that wouldn’t obey Derk earlier), and follows Derk. Derk makes an excuse to step aside from Argo for a sec. He then tries many ways to see if the amulet has secrets hidden in it. Just when Derk is about to spill some blood on it, he looks up and sees Joshua flying back to the village. He and Argo decide to head back to the village instead.

Near and the others spot Joshua as well. However, Joshua wouldn’t come down. Just when Near is starting to feel strange, Joshua falls from the sky. Near stops it in the last second with his Telekinetic power. Joshua is covered in blood and burned wounds. There’s also a letter attached to its leg.

To be continued…

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  2. “The character creation process was really annoying- it took us over two hours just to do so.”

    Wow, it really didn’t take you long to figure out what D&D is all about. 😛

    Congrats on your first game.