Pokemon Generation VI Announced!

Nintendo just announced generation 6 Pokemon games- Pokemon X and Pokemon Y (chromosomes, Coldplay album?) for Nintendo 3DS.

This will be the first time that the main title Pokemon game will be in 3D- something that every Pokemon fans been looking forward to.  These games have top notch 3D graphic, beautiful 3D environment  and brand new battle animations.

The video above also shows the new starter Pokemons for this generation: grass-type Chespin, fire-type Fennekin and water-type Froakie.  This is the first time that I don’t find any of the starter Pokemons cute, sadly.


There’s also 2 legendary Pokemons in this video.  A X shaped deer, and a Y shaped bird.

The video also states that this will be the first time that Pokemon games will be release to the whole world at the same time, in October 2013.

Can’t wait  🙂