Adventure in 100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon

I went to the 100 years before the birth of  Doraemon event on January 2nd in Taiwan.

What’s the 100 years before the birth of Doraemon, you ask?  Well, in the story Doraemon was manufactured in the year 2112 September 3rd, so 2012 would be 100 years before the birth of Doraemon.  To celebrate this marvelous event, there is an special exhibit dedicated to Doraemon.

For those don’t know who Doraemon is, check out: for more details.

Anyway, here we go.

The first thing that I came across was this:

This is the factory that manufactured Doraemon.  As you can see, he used to be yellow with ears. until…

uh oh…

This here should explain what happend:

For those who doesn’t understand Chinese, it states that Doraemon lost his ears when a mouse-robot was supposed to fix it, but destroyed by mistake- hence why Doraemon hates mice.  His girlfriend then dumped him because he looks ridiculous without ears.  He was going to cheer himself up with some cheer-up drink, but drank the depression drink by mistake.  He cannot stop crying and eventually the tears washed away his yellow paint and revealed his blue under-paint.  Thus his current appearance.

Holy Shit!

The next room I went to has 101 DORAEMONS!!!!!  It is ridiculous how many Doraemon there were and each hold a different gadget in their hands!

101 Doraemons are on their way!!!

The problem is there are wayyyy to many of them!  I have no idea how to take the pictures, so I decide to just take pictures of Doraemons with significant gadgets.

This snake petrified everything it sees.
Mini Doraemon!
Memory Toast!  More detail late.
Computer Pen allows you to get a A in every single tesy
Pet Rock turns any rocks into pets
Time Cloth turns objects into what its like in the future or in the past
Momo Taro’s Rice Cake!
This is perhaps one of the most important gadget in here.  At one point, Fujiko Fujio canceled Doraemon and have our favorite gadget cat returns to the 22nd century.  However, the reaction to the cancellation was so negative that Fujiko Fujio decides to start Doraemon again.  The story states that before Doraemon’s departure, he left this one last gadget for Nobita.  After drinking the potion that comes with the gadget, everything Nobita says will become the opposite of it.  He says that he will never see Doraemon again thus Doraemon returns!
The next room has the wedding chapel of future Nobita and shizuka.
so awesome.
The next room has many manuscripts and figures design by many Taiwanese artiest.

I don’t know any of these artists, but this one stands out to me:

]The next section has life size figures other than Doraemon:
The lucky kid gets to visit his grandmother anytime she wants.  Lucky bastard!

Gian is a horrible singer…
But he’s a good brother though…
This fairy of the spring is such a bitch!  One of my these favorite character of all time.
This two are good dynamite
I bought some Memory Toast and dorayaki at the end of the exhibit.  They’re quite pricey, but it comes with an awesome box.
The Memory Toast lets you remember your text books right away just by pressing the toast on the pages you want to remember and eat it.  Wish you have it back in school.
The toast is actually kind of hard, and it wasn’t that tasty.  But heck, when will I have chances to try Memory Toast again?
The exhibit is really good.  Eve n though the place is REALLY small.  I finish the whole exhibit in about an hour time.  However, if you’re a Doraemon fan you won’t mind the size of the exhibit because it’s nostalgic enough for you to overlook how small the place really is.

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